While it's always great to seek inspiration from some of the best examples of successful and creative stands, there is just as much to learn from the worst.

Here are 5 examples of what NOT to do for your exhibition display:

1. The Display That Dismantles Itself.

bad exhibition stands

The graphics are there, the design is in place but then suddenly it all falls apart when they simply won't stay up. Exhibitions can go on for an entire day or even continue throughout a whole weekend, which is why it's important that your display can survive the full duration.

Embarrassing incidents like this shouldn't occur for your display, providing you're using a tension fabric system. You can learn more about what TFS is and its benefits here.


2. The A4 and Sellotape Method

bad exhibition display 2

What is there to say about this one.

You could argue that it's certainly different, but in this case we're not sure that's necessarily a good thing. When going through the trouble of securing a space for your exhibit you might as well take advantage of the space you have. One of the biggest problems here is that even at close distance, it's impossible to tell what this stand is about, who the company is or why you should take the time to find out more.


3. Borrowing Your Neighbour's Curtain

bad exhibition displays

Okay so this isn't actually someone's curtain, but it might as well be.

Never-ending creases in the material, the sides drooping off the edges and that awkward gap at the bottom that gives off the appearance that it's shrunk in the wash. This exhibition display might be turning heads, but it'll be for all the wrong reasons. The corners of your fabric are just as important as the centre, which is why using systems like the OCTAwall 60 can be ideal.


4. The Blink and You'll Miss It.

bad exhibition stand

The amount of unused potential here is just painful to witness. Sometimes simplicity can be effective, but not if the message you're trying to convey is so small and unnoticable.

The best solution for this is to have a display where graphics can run edge-to-edge in an effective and creative form; something that can easily be achieved through the use of OCTAlumina.


5. Big Font. Big Paper.

bad exhibition display 5

Another example whereby a sheet of paper is perceived to be a sufficient answer to someone's display. The reality is, it's not.

While you could argue that the large font is readable from far away and the question it presents could create intrigue, these factors are all but lost due to the lack of any exciting and eye-catching graphics that could allow it to stand out from the crowd.

All of these images were provided to us courtesy of Shell-Clad.

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