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At the heart of Octanorm lies the patented Tension Lock.

Durable in design and quality, this German engineered tension lock is incredibly strong and long lasting!
Capable of holding up to an impressive 60kg* static load, the quality Octanorm Tension Lock is constructed with a precision cast body, a heat tempered spring with durable self lubricating marine coatings and an engineered cam to guarantee exceptional life expectancy for hundreds of uses*.

With a simple 180° degree turn of a torx key the lock is fully engaged and tensioned. It is smooth and easy to operate allowing quick and easy installation or dismantling of system.

The design allows rapid replacement of the locks just by using a pair of pliers and a torx key, giving system users the ability to exchange inferior copy locks for genuine Octanorm tension locks. The ease of changing locks also allows users to reprocess metal profiles, examples include: powder coating, re-cutting, drilling etc to maximise the life and financial benefit of modular systems.

*maximum weight dependant on application and profiles used, lock must be used in accordance with specification.

Compatible with 50 Years of Octanorm

The current Octanorm Tension Lock and profiles are compatible with all 50 years of Octanorm system production, if you have a stock of Octanorm profiles; you can rest assured that the Tension Lock and profiles will work with your existing kit.

Octanorm Tension Locks & CDM Regulations

When the updated CDM regulations came into force in 2015 they recognised the client as the head of the supply chain and as the party best placed to set standards throughout a project. Confidence in the provenance of the components in your exhibition stands, presentations or displays is more important than ever.

Recognised for our quality, we’re confident that our Octanorm tension Locks used in conjunction with our profiles can assist in the requirements for safe working and construction. We can work with you on your projects to suggest the safest and best ways to use genuine Octanorm.


Unfortunately there are a significant number of substandard tension lock copies in the market. Based upon a quick visual inspection it is not always easy to tell that you are paying for genuine Octanorm, whether this is to hire or buy.

The surest way to identify genuine Octanorm tension locks is removal from the profile so you can see MADE IN GERMANY, the words “patented” and the Octanorm eight sided logo embossed in the precision casting. Lock removal is easily achieved; with the tension lock undone, push down on the cam with pressure towards the clasp end. The lock will slide forward and it can be removed by grasping the exposed end with a pair of pliers. We have attached pictures of genuine Octanorm to assist you.

How to Recognise Genuine Octanorm

Without removing the lock there are clues as to the origin:

  1. Two clasps never three.
  2. The clasp metal is light grey and not shiny steel (shiny steel locks are weak, they are prone to the tips breaking off or the spring tension reducing with a resultant failure of the integrity of the system).
  3. The clasp end is flat and the cut edge square to guarantee grip (inferior locks do not have square even cut ends).
  4. The cam has an identity mark to visually check if it is open (marker facing the clasp end) or closed (marker facing away from the clasp end) some copy locks have this feature but they also have three clasps.
  5. The body of the lock is a precision casting and not cheap folded steel.
  6. The spring coating is smooth and uniform to assist in the action of the lock.

GENUINE Octanorm Tension Lock

 genuine octanorm lock



tension lock copies v2

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